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Sometimes I ask myself what I’m doing, is it out of character or is it acceptable but then I’m like, nah, and post anyway


So out of the four or five I planned for, this is the only pic I had time to draw on this insanely frustrating day of bathroom catastrophe. Thanks for your encouragements guys !

And yeah, this is Nico and Reyna marathoning Xena ;p (I actually don’t remember Xena that much but it seemed fitting)

Reyna is a good strategist, so leave it to her not to make Nico promise to come back regularly but get him hooked on a story to be sure he’ll be back for more instead ;p 


Soooo I’ve definitely been making these to hang in my place, but I realize what I really want to hang in my place is one of the boarding house. #art #characters #heyarnold #arnold


“youre so lucky that you can draw”

yyeah it was all luck and not at all grueling and emotionally exhausting practice kind of like how olympians are lucky that theyre so good at sports


FUCK YEAH! Calendar 2015

FUCK YEAH! is a weekly comic calendar with 69 german comic artists and illustrators! Each artist has create an illustration for a week, so do I.
Now you have the chance to
 win a signed copy by meThe winner will be announced on 1st November 2014.


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Adrian vom Baur, Angela Wittchen, Anna Süßbauer aka Apfelhase, Annelie Wagner, Beni Merk, Buddelfisch, Christian Kotz, Christian Nauck, Christopher Tauber aka Piwi, Dagmar Gosejacob, David Malambré, Def Füleki, Dominik Wendland aka Pete, Eva Yabai, Eve Jay, Fabia Zobel, Flavia Scuderi, Haiko & Marius aka Selektive Erinnerung, Hillerkiller, Irina Zinner, Isabell Ristow, JARoo, Jeff Chi, Jo Lott, Johannes Beetlebum, Joscha Sauer, Kaja Reinki aka Anthea, Karoline Pietrowski, Katharina Netolitzky, Katja Klengel, Katrin Felder, Lew Bridcoe, Lisa Neun, Lomp, Maren Collet, Mario Bühling, Martin Rathscheck, Marvin Clifford, Max Fiedler, Michael Roos, NiGuNeGu, Noody, Olaf Albers, Olga Andriyenko aka Asu, Olivia Vieweg, Piers Goffart, Ralf Marczinczik, Maja Verfondern aka Regenmonster, Sandra Brandstätter, Sarah Burrini, Sarah Stowasser, Sascha Wüstefeld, Schlogger, Simone Kesterton, Stefanie Kick, Stew & Timo (Illustrie), TeMel, Till Felix, Tim Gaedke, Tobi Dahmen, Ulf Salzmann,  Vanessa Drossel, Vero Mischitz, Yi Luo

Idea, Layout, Typography & Organization:
By Schlogger

148mm x 210mm, full color, 1000 pages, spiral bound

Purchase price: 18€ + shipping costs (www.www.kwimbi.de)


OFF-the Batter


A couple of illustrations I made for pepper.ph. The article and the other drawings can be found here.




upper classmen bear hug!!


So far, Steven’s powers have been:
A bright pink shield
A bright pink bubble
Magical healing saliva

And he is always STOPPING fights, usually peacefully and in nonviolent ways, trying to get both sides to get along and understand each other. Suffice it to say, he is not your typical superhero. In fact, he’s really not that super yet. He’s still on training wheels. And yet he often manages to end conflicts WITHOUT powers or weapons that destroy others.

And I love what this show is doing with him and all of his friends. Especially in a pop culture that is overpopulated these days with “save the world” shenanigans and focusing on powers and shock value instead of being “strong in the real way.”

I’m already proud of this little guy and the small steps he’s made. His journey isn’t one of leaps and bounds but baby steps, like real people.

This week’s wonderful two-parter has set up what the show has been foreshadowing for some while: that Steven, being half Human and half Gem, will forge a path that unites both kinds of beings — a path paved by acts of non-violence, understanding, and compassion. Where his merit and strength as a hero isn’t defined by his powers (which, BTW, completely fly in the face of typical superhero and gender role BS), but instead by HIS CHOICES.

And THAT is the kind of hero story we need these days, IMO.

I’m sick of watching characters save the world from evil.

I want to see characters saving themselves, saving each other — personal journeys about making choices and resolving conflicts, not just slapping “evil” around. Even SU’s plot twists don;t feel cheap. They feel rewarding, because they are always foreshadowed and always recontextualize earlier events that maybe didn’t make sense. They feel planned, thought out, CARED for, just like the characters who populate the world.

Steven’s story, especially given the moral ambiguities brought to the table recently, really has a lot of potential to do these things — to be a personal journey more than typical “destroy evil” stuff — and in many ways, it has already.

I believe in Steven.

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